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May 5, 2008

Branched My Blog To

Dear Reader,

I am branching my blog to which hosted in my own server.
Do take a read on

I will focus on the new blog first because it is using word press template and I need some time to pickup the knowledge.

Hope to see your comment on


Jan 1, 2008

Hi fellow readers, Elinkz - A "Serious" Developer Blog is now

To be more "serious" ( with the quotes ), had registered and started a nice domain for my self as 2008 's gift on 01/01/2008

Obviously Ethan Liew would be my name and .com would be my site domain name.

The three incremental dot aligned in forward 45 degree designed to bring me a better opportunity and expand further in what I am doing. is now live!

Feel free to drop me an email :

Several changes had been made including my blog title, key word, theme, logo and design soon!

Thanks for your support !

Nov 20, 2007

Nov 19, 2007

QR Info

Encapsulated Information:
1. Elinkz Full Name
2. Elinkz Blog Details
3. Elinkz Email

How to translate this info?
1. Download QR code reader install to your mobile camera.
2. Install it.
3. Launch Quick Mark v3.5
4. Aim you mobile camera and focus on the QR pattern.
5. (",) you got the information!
Simply save it down to your phone as contact list or notes!

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