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Dec 1, 2007

SWX - Native Data Format For Adobe Flash

SWX is the native data format for the Flash Platform.

SWX RPC is a remote procedure call protocol encoded in SWX. It's simple enough that you can get up and running with it in about five minutes. SWX RPC is perfect for building mashups (with easy-to-use APIs for Flickr, Twitter, and others), mobile applications (Flash Lite 2.0 and 2.1), and other data-driven Flash sites and applications.

New: Play with the SWX PHP 1.0 Start Page live on this server!

With SWX, working with data in Flash isn't rocket science. To see just how easy it is to get started, read the SWX Moo card tutorial, watch the screencasts, refer to the documentation, and join the SWX Mailing List.

The SWX Public Gateway is currently running SWX PHP 1.0.

My Two Cents:
Some times ago, I was php & actionscripter. But now shift to Microsoft platform. Hmmm.. don't have too much time to check out with PHP & Actionscript technology. SWX proved me that PHP & Flash talk well and it is really easy to implement with SWX.

I will get my XAMPP installed and try it out soon!! :)