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Nov 26, 2007

Webmaster Gathering 2007 @KL Central Starbucks

My first gathering with Malaysia Webmasters and Bloggers.
Just one word to describe it. Worth!

Organized by LimCS, founder of , main sponsored by Exabytes.

Proudly invited secret speaker Hanson,Toh from Google Country Consultant to revealed some Google goodies, including, Adword, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Zeitgeist and etc. We got some Google Gift at the end of session too!

Then, we have Najib from SuccessIdeaWeb to demo some open source CMS, Drupal. Drupal might as good as Jumla, may be better :) , after I saw the demo. Thanks Najib.

Everyone was wishing the appearance of Gobala Khrisnan to share about his knowlege on
Malaysian Internet Entrepreneur.

He shared us some point which at least lighten up my way as a newbie internet entreprenuer.
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Afterthat we have networking and sharing session, where I got chance to meet other blogger in real life, including LiewCF, Najib, Hanson and etc.

Any way, I felt extra fruitfull and happy to meet my old schoolmate.The warmest friendship welcome is always the best! They were LimCS ( webmaster malaysia ), ksstudio (CEO of Exabytes) and Andy Saw( Exabytes SA). Guys! Meet again soon!

Original photo credit to ksstudio, Mr. Chan, CEO Exabytes (
I modified a bit to suit my blog :)

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