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Aug 1, 2009

Google Adsense Works Well With Numbers Of Quality Posts

Thanks to readers, contributors, writer for your support.
Thanks Google for this amount which will enable me to continue this blog
when I hit USD100.

In other words, Google Adsense works well!
How it works ? Read here, it is pretty easy.

From analysis few months and years back, I found some points:

A. Quality Content
1. Quality contents make readers stay longer to read your content.
2. Quality contents make readers trust your words.
When they do so, they would agree to visit or click your ads.
3. Quality contents make readers feel thankful or appreciate in your words.
They will leave their comment and the social network process started.
This will brings you constant visit hits.

B. Frequency of update
1. When I started to blog, I updated post almost daily because I am interesting to know the
result and how to blog.
At the same time, readers are following your post because your story is continuing.
I got a very constant hits daily.
Obviously, when I am not posting ( especially tech blog ), reader are more interesting to know
new technology rather than the old one.
Thus only little hits once a week, and some times no earning in a single month. Poor guy!

C. Social Network
1. When I started to blog, I joined a lot of social networks.
Among famous social network, blog community such as Friendster, Hi5, Multiply, Facebook,
, Yahoo Groups, MSN Groups and etc.
I have lot readers as referral to my site, Thanks to all my referral.

2. By reading others blogs, joining feeds and newsletters,
or implement affiliation gadgets also link the same hobby, service, stories guys together.
e.g: MyBlogLog, Technorati and etc.
Those gadgets will rate you and let your user understand who are in your network or who are
your neighbor or who are the other geeks just same like you.
It helps you to promote your site.

D. Gathering and Tech Related Activities
I joined quite a numbers of community in the real world.
e.g: Malaysian Blogger community and forum,
Malaysian Web Designer Gathering, Blogger's Talks, Web hosting companies events,
PC Fairs and etc
I met a lot of Pro-blogger such as LiewCF and etc and they willing to share not only how to
get more earning :) but other first-hand technology information.

Due to my own business schedules are too much recent months, almost no progress, no readers >_<|||

Will update post daily when my business is steady.
Hope for this day which means my business is growing and earning reaching > USD100

Let's work the dream!