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Dec 18, 2009

Using Digital Camera As Scanner

I wonder whether there are no software or method to replace bulky scanner with digital camera.

Now days, everyone having a digital camera, probably every phone have digital cam features, so how we can use it to make the world paperless or help to protect our world ?

I just subscribe and try to help as I can to save our earth for next generations.

Here my issue while using digital camera:
1. fast and easy to snap one
2. macro mode allow me to snap a very clear documents
3. lower resolution, easy to attached to email

1. lighting issue ( always need to photoshop leveling the image )
2. paper document always moving / flipping / shaking due to wind or ceiling fan
3. need to bluetooth or unload those photos to my pc
4. macro mode might not available for phones camera or some of the old version of digital cam
5. cam lens have to always flat aligned with paper
6. after scanned, the images always larger if you print out
( always need to photoshop adjust to the actual size )

Finally, I found this software

for iPhone guy you may like this

I am still learning how to operate those software.

Really wish it able to ease my job to resize those digital photos.

You may download and have a try. Hope it helps to save your penny for a scanner to scan simple documents.

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