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Oct 16, 2007

How To Create MD2 ( Animated Model )

MD2 was my fyp game project 's modeling technique.
Today refresh all my notes in my Yahoo! notes and dig out some stuff to share over here.

How to create md2

1) in 3d max create the snow man, save snowman.max
2) convert into mesh or patch
3) in photoshop create texture 128 x 128
4) image> index color save as snowman.bmp
5) in 3dmax, press m, set only one material map
6) use body paint to paint it
7) in body paint,click ur object
8) click the mapping, scale down to seperate each mapping in diff place
9) paint it
10) in body paint save texture as bmp as 128x 128 (mus change later)
11) send back to 3dmax
12) qtip exporter, rename tris.pcx to snowman.pcx
13) use photoshop to change texture snowman.bmp put same name snowman.md2
14) check for the saiz 128x128 and the 8 bit color
15) u are done!!