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Nov 28, 2007


Great machine design by gamer and play by gamer!

That’s what we’re calling the first platform that runs all-AMD, all the time. From CPU, to GPU, to chipsets. Never before have all of the major platform components been designed to work together so well, to push each other so far—for a more intense, more immersive HD gaming experience.

SPIDER combines the raw quad-core power of the new AMD Phenom™ Processors, the visual thrust of ATI Radeon™ HD 3800 Series graphics, and the supercharged control and connection speed of the AMD 7-Series Chipsets.
Phenomenal Performance: AMD Phenom 9000 Series Quad-Core Processor

The power center of CODENAME: SPIDER can be summed in three words: true quad core. The AMD Phenom™ Processor delivers a new dimension in desktop performance, with unique technology features designed to add split-second gaming firepower to a system’s response time.
Graphic Visuals: ATI Radeon™ HD 3800 Series

Incredible performance. As in next-generation HD gaming performance. CODENAME: SPIDER comes fully loaded for life-like graphics and support for the latest Microsoft® and for future DirectX® 10.1 games. Smoother edges, advanced lighting techniques, high-quality motion-blur, and richer textures everywhere you turn.
Big-time scalability: AMD 7-Series Chipsets

gets special powers from the first AMD chipset to support cutting-edge technologies like HyperTransport™ 3.0 technology, PCI Express® 2.0, and native quad-graphics. That makes CODENAME: SPIDER the only platform that can scale up to four graphics cards, for dramatically increased performance.

My Two Cents
I am planning to get a new desktop machine and get a streamyx 1 Mbit line soon.
Currently really blog in luxuries enviroment >_<
My Maxis 3G broadband is too slow for me in my area.Thus, I got to visit cafe for dinner, surfing net and blog. Might be to costly for me. So, aim for AMD, Radeon graphic & 19" LCD. Any suggestion for me ?