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Feb 15, 2008 is a Fake Online Anti Virus

Well, Just got a feedback comment from my reader named Malabei.

Thanks for visiting and drop by the comment.

Usually comment or message posted look similar as below:

"I first visited your blog, but my antispyware said that he is infected with an unknown virus.
I deleted the virus through this AntiSpyWare.
The virus does not manifest itself but gradually destroys information on the computer."

You probably have to be extra careful of those HiJacker

I had gone through the process ( Although I know it is a fake one, so that I can get more information to share with my readers )

If you are not careful enough, you probably will follow the link as what they leave at the forum, blogs, website or even through instant messenger.

It will brings you to a new page where it requests your authorization or permission to let hacker hijacks your local machine.

Here is the XPANTIVIRUS .com screen shot.
It prompts you to make a virus scan on your machine.
Please DON'T ALLOW it!

You can get some clue stated below to identify whether this is a fake one or not.
1. Did you feel the URL sound too "nice" or "easy to understand" if compare with other antivirus software name.
2. OOoo it is totally FREE! There are FREE anti virus, but not this.
3. Wow, it able to SERVE you and PROTECT you for all aspect (virusese, spyware, adware ) !!
( even AVG give Free antivirus ONLY)
4. The word "Install" , you have to really check out who is the party produce that software, are they Trusted company? or having Certificate for the site ? VeriSign , AntiHacker validation ?
5. The word "Recommended" is just nice word to "fish" you.

Well, if you ignore the pop up. It brings you to this site too.
Noted that, the animation or programming on the web is really look like scanning your machine, although you din't allow them to scan your machine previously.
So, it is all FAKE!!

After scanning ( actually is an animation only ), it will prompt you, your machine is infected by viruses as shown on the right red box.

Then it started to prompt you to download their anti virus or any other utilities to clean the viruses. Please refer to valid anti virus site to get more information about virus details.
You can even email the symptom of viruses to genuine anti virus company for a verification.

If you met this screen shot, DON'T Donwload the fake anti virus!

If it is too late for you, you had donwloaded and installed.
Don't panic! You can refer these site to get them out of your box.