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Nov 20, 2007

Ringamon v1.0

When you need it ?
Do you keep purchasing ringtones from mobile content provider?
And you got more than ten rings but your phone just rings once per call...

Do you ever need a program that able to handle multi ringtones for you ?
Here Ringamon come into the play...

Ringamon able to handle and randomize your ringtones and sms tones.
You can use Tones Manager to manage your rings and sms tones.
Tones are allowed to stored in external storage card according the generic format.

Ringtones: mp3, wmv, wav..
Sms Tones: wav

You able to set interval of time for randomizing your tones.
There are a view mode to let user view the current ringtones and sms tones.

It is is 100% genuine software and needed an serial number from Elinkz.

You can get a demo version from me or further information at
Special offer at USD $5 per serial number.
Limited stock!!


Windows Mobile 5 and above
Overall RAM 32 and above


The product is protected by soft licence which is bound to the product serial number. The licence keys are issued by the manufacturer upon software registration. Once you have received the product, simply goto the website of the product vendor (full instructions are printed in the booklet) and enter the product serial number to obtain your registered licence key.


Kindly send your feedback to

Screen Shot

P/S: This is the first version, I will improve this product from the feedback from you!