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Nov 20, 2007

The Danger In "Join my NEW MLM" Syndrome

After attend Webmaster Gathering 2007 at KL Central StarBucks on 17 Nov 2007.

Get me to know about Zamri Nanyan and GobalaKhrisnan in person!

Ofcause I met LiewCF in person too. They all really gave valuable words in that sharing session.

After my birthday holiday , today I start reading blogs from Zamri Nanyan and Gobala Khrisnan.

Share some of the info from them ( Zamri allowed to share around this article right ? )

Here we go!

Posted by Zamri Nanyan as Success University, Network Marketing / MLM, Network Marketing Articles, General

At the end of the day, I take a long deep breath after seeing countless new business opportunities or new MLM programs in my email box. Most of them are not even opened because with a glance on the title I can expect what the content is all about.

The sad part is that sometimes, I even recognize the names of some of the people who promote their opportunities and every time the spam was sent, there’s always new ’so called’ opportunity.

I begin to wonder if these programs are really successful to them or they are just trying their luck to make even one ‘incidental’ sale. To make the matter worse, these people are promoting MLM related programs, which only adds negativity to this business model.

After studying many successful people in MLM, I know that it takes time for them to build a successful MLM business. It takes constant promotion of the same business opportunity over a long period of time - not in the “Join My New MLM” program.

That is why I doubt that the little marketers who are promoting multiple MLM programs at the same time are making any money at all.

Yes, it can be tempting to join the latest and greatest business opportunity on the planet earth.

The promise of groundbreaking super profitable commission structures and products can sometimes make you read their offer over and over again and you’d feel that you’d be in the loss if you don’t jump on board.

Beware. The truth is just the opposite.

If you jump on board over and over again in multiple business opportunities, chances are you’re losing more than gaining anything - except a pile of products that you’ll never use yourself.

So, what is the solution now?


If you are already in any MLM program, give it your best and promote the program for a considerably long period of time. Just ignore any “join my new MLM program” temptation and evaluate if your current MLM program is worth your effort.

If you are not in any MLM program yet, choose carefully which opportunity is the best for you (not anyone else) and get into action in promoting it persistently. Inevitably, some of you might argue that you hate doing MLM but don’t mind getting the residual income and leverage.

My suggestion is start looking at the products that will benefit you, your health or your wealth. Then, study the compensation structures and other criteria of choosing the right MLM company for you.

Youd be surprised to see that many MLM companies have amazing products from personal development, webhosting, digital products to supplements, electrical appliances and many others.

Then, stick with the program until youre successful.

By that time you become successful, your new mlm program will never be called “new opportunity” anymore. That’s when you realize that it’s not worth to keep on jumping from a company to another without putting your effort in making it successful.

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