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Dec 1, 2007

WAMP Server - PHP + Apache + MySQL + Windows

Another Apache + Php + Mysql on windows!

WampServer's functionalities are very complete and easy to use so we won't explain here how to use them.

With a left click on WampServer's icon, you will be able to:
- manage your Apache and MySQL services
- switch online/offline (give access to everyone or only localhost)
- install and switch Apache, MySQL and PHP releases
- manage your servers settings
- access your logs
- access your settings files
- create alias

With a right click :
- change WampServer's menu language
- access this page

Example of WAMP Server menu.

How to start

When you install WampServer, a "www" directory is created (generally c:\wamp\www). Create a directory inside for your project and put your PHP files in it.
Click on the link "Localhost" in the WampServer menu or open your browser and open the http://localhost address

Add Apache, MySQL and PHP releases

WampServer allows you to install almost all the existing releases of Apache, PHP and MySQL so you can reproduce exactly the settings of your production server.
To add a new release, donwload it here and install it.

My Two Cents:
Well, I am currently using XAMPP, would like to have a try on WAMP. It seem more easy to be installed. The third features is very nice, able to let you update and switch to the lastest version of PHP version. Have a try on it!