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Sep 12, 2009

Maxis MMS Setting For WM6.5 / WM6.1 / WM6.0 on IPAQ6828

When there is no port number mentioned for the WAP Gateway,
use port 9201 for MMS 1.x versions and
port 8080 for MMS 2.x versions

Provider Name: Maxis

Provider APN: net

Provider APN Account: maxis

Provider APN Password:wap

Provider WAP Gateway:

Provider MMSC:


MMS Setting Name: unet (optional)

Allow your WM to connect to GPRS/3G when needed to retrieve or send MMS.

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Nov 14, 2007

How To Sync Or Connect Your PDA With Vista

In WindowsXP , usually PDA user would download ActiveSync to sync their data to their notebook.

Now, Vista User has more easier way to sync their data.
Just plug in your PDA with mini-usb cable and it should pop up autorun alike 's explorer to let you browser your PDA memory and storage card. An icon should be appeared in windows explorer beside your drive.

Now Vista user able to browser and play their storage card or main memory 's picture or song withouth downloading them to local notebook. It is such a great features!

Today, I couldn't see PDA Icon in besides my drive even I connected my PDA !!!
Then I realised that I had accidentally turn off one of the services.

Here is the service you should turn on:
1. Run services.msc
2. Find the services named:

Windows Mobile 2003-based device connectivity
Provides connectivity for Windows Mobile 2003-based devices

Here you go! Plug in your PDA and it works again!