Nov 28, 2007

Free Uptime Services Monitor

Step 1:
Click here.

Step 2:
Enter your email as notification email as well as user id.

Step 3:
Click Add new URL to be monitored.

Step 4:
Fill in information as in the form:
a. URL to be monitored.
b. Email address.
c. Homepage url.
d. Your name.
e. Option Either Email when down and up again or Periodic with period of duration.
f. Password
then add information to database.

Step 5:
You will get message as below. added

to Uptime
Uptime is now monitoring You may want to bookmark the reports page .

Note: if is the address of a pager gateway, then you will probably want to go straight to the edit parameters page to add a custom subject line and/or a custom body.

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