Nov 21, 2007

Vista won't support VS 2003

Vista won't support VS 2003 and the version support decisions Microsoft has made for Visual Studio... get this:

* Visual Studio 2002 & 2003 - NOT SUPPORTED on Vista
* Visual Studio 2005 - supported (with SP1)
* Visual Studio 6.0 - NOT SUPPORTED exclude vb6.0
* Visual Basic 6.0 - supported
* Visual Studio 2008 ( Orcas ) - recommended by Elinkz

BUT, Application on .NET framework 1.1 are able to run on vista though.
You might need front page extension in some cases to enable your .NET 1.1 web app.

In case you need Front Page Extension on IIS 7.0 ( Vista ). click here.

Refer this if you need to get more information about making .NET 1.1 application running on vista. click here

I am now shifting my vs2003 on .net 1.1 to .net 2.0 on vs2005
and applying web services model instead of traditional vb6 component services.

On the other hand, still researching and play around with vs2008 orcas beta 2.

What about you guys did ? Any better suggestion ?

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