Dec 17, 2007

Introducing My Medium Budget Desktop PC

08 Dec 2007, I got my new AMD machine assembled. Hoooray!
( of cause, my wallet shrink-ed too )

This few weeks trying to play around with it, test its performance and tweaking it.

Actually it is just a medium budget machine. ( no $$ le )

My aim is to get me back to 3D work, multimedia work, and able to use VS2008 & Vista Aero.
Besides, able to play 3D games (hope I still got time for it ) and just be my musice juke box.

Oooo ya.. one more challenge for my machine is to able run P2P over 24 hours if needed.
( so pity for my machine).
Because Multimedia Rendering might need to on it over the night.

Yes, here we go! Introducing my processor.

( only afford to buy a mid-range processor >_<)

( RAM 1 Gig 667mhz X2 - Kingston)

( PSU Cooler Master 460Watt - The sales guy says able to support for 24 hours, sure?)

( MSI, Taiwan. Midrange Motherboard K9N able to support AMD+ processor for future )

( Yahoo0! Nice 19" Samsung LCD 961bw wide screen )

(Purchased Genuine Version of Kaspersky Antivirus Suite for bundle and is RM20 only!)

( Inside my new CPU )

( Midrange budget Graphic Card - China Brand Colorful GF8600GT )
( With Fan one.. but still not so noisy, may be still new ha ha ha )
( Heard some of the friends say, using AMD better combination is ATI,is it true ? But mine is...)

( ATX cheap cheap casing lor - got 6 usb and front panel jet ( I like !) )

So... Come to the end. The most wanted question?

How much it cost me ?

Answer: RM 1400 ( only machine ) + RM 675 ( LCD )
Aiks... need to earn more $ , anyway, this new machine will helps me on my blog and multimedia venture.. Hope it is able to stay and 'survive' longer.. ha ha..
You know I am a 'serious' developer ma!


  1. Just found a youtube movie,, which introducing this mother board too.

    At least this motherboard not too bad , with a great spec and within a medium budget.

    Take a look!

  2. colorful graphic card on youtube

  3. I agree, AMD + ATI : Peace of mind! RM1400 only? Nice. And I love the LCD monitor! It looks pro in black. I believe in china brand, so I believe your Graphic Card will do best for the price. Good luck for your development, you are really a serious programmer!