Dec 1, 2007

Twitter - What are you doing ?

Do you always need to answer like this:
What are you doing ?

Twitter allow you to update via mobile, your IM such as Gtalk, Jabber & LiveJournal.

Join Twitter!

For subscriber via IM, e.g: GTalk, you will get a 6 character code after you join and you will need to add in your GTalk and send the 6 character to verify it.

You able to:

1. Tell Twitter what you’re doing.
2. Find some friends and follow what they’re doing.
3. Turn on your mobile phone to update your friends on the go what you are doing!!

My Two Cents:
yeah, I always need to answer my friends for this question: What are you doing now?
With Twitter, I can ask her to get my updates from Twitter and I will update my Twitter on the go with mobile or in cafe when I am traveling. What a special concept right ?

my twitter url:

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