Jan 22, 2008

Meta Tags In General SEO

Sample META TAGs
Replace character ( to <>

(meta name="'robots'" content="'index,follow,all'")
(meta name="'keywords'" content="'EthanLiew,")
(meta name="'description'" content="'EthanLiew.com")
(meta name="'content'" content="'EthanLiew.com - Sharing blogs of how-to, who-is, what-is and etc' /)
(meta name="'copyright'" content="'EthanLiew.com'")
(meta name="'Author'" content="'Ethan")
(meta name="'GOOGLEBOT'" content="'INDEX,")
(meta name="'Date'" content="'2008-01-01'")
(meta equiv="'Content-Type'" content="'text/html;" charset="utf-8'")
(meta equiv="'Content-Language'" content="'English'")
(meta name="'verify-v1'" content="'your-websiet-key-here'")

You can visit http://www.google.com/webmasters/ ( Google Webmasters )
and get add your website visible from Google BOT
Here the Tag look like, add it to your meta tag!

(meta name="'verify-v1'" content="'your-websiet-key-here'")

Hope those meta tags helps on SEO performance!

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