Jan 9, 2008

NoMao - The Place To Bee


NoMao, a new name of online map application.

It applied Google Maps API ( I think so ) and really friendly to use.

It allows us to 'bee' on a spot on the earth and share your locations to your friend or placed the widget on your blog.

I would like to say the GUI is really attracting me with all those fancy AJAX technology!!

Let's try somethings!

Figure 1: Click sign up and search for a spot or to add a new spot.

Figure 2: Cute GUI to guide you!

Figure 3: You got your spot added and you can get the widget code and post on your blog!

My Two Cents
I use to play with Google Earth and Google Maps, so far so good, hope there are more information added to our local Google Maps.(currently don't have traffic info and detailed descriptions)

You can take this opportunity to post your business spot or to memories some special places that you want to mark it down. Probably your first dating place? Well, enjoy the technology!

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  1. Google Map is wonderful tool. Meanwhile for developers the Google Maps API can be so handy. I tried to use the Google Maps API in dynamic way to generate geocode and display the location when the content is changed. But the problem in Google Maps API is they do not own complex geocodes for Malaysia. If i search a malaysia location in maps.google.com, I can see the result. But actually Google do not own these geocodes and not included in their Google Maps API. The owner of the geocodes is wikimapia.org. It is still hard for Malaysia programmers to make use of this Google Maps to it maximum.

  2. Yeah you are absolutely right Regan, only top level of details able to retrieve. Hopefully one day we able to have more complete info like other US cities.

    Heard that there will be sort of Google University plan in Malaysia, but I am really not sure about it. Hope the news is true :)