Mar 12, 2008

ASP Clasic System Locale Setting With Session.LCID

LCID stands for Locale Identifier

Example of usage:
If you using ASP Classic Functions such as MonthName(xxx), Date(xxx) and etc, your web application will converting the month's name base on your server regional / locale settings.

Let say your server locale is Chinese (PRC ) settings, you may get a chinese charater of month being shown at the website.

Suggested solution for this would be:
reset the locale identifier at the page initialize stage

Example as below:
Session.lcid = 1033 ' English US
Session.lcid = 3081 ' English Australia

LCID might affected other formats such as the format of date time and currency value.

For 1033, date format would be mm/dd/yyyy and 3081 would be dd/mm/yyyy

List of LCID

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