Apr 13, 2008

Using Adobe After Effect To Key Out Green Screen

Was busy with several "hobbies" past few weeks to refresh back my 3D skills with 3D Max, Adobe After Effect, Ulead Video Studio, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Goldwave and etc.

Here is the given story where character was shot infront the Green Screen ( I use 3D Max to render the Green Environment to create the Green Screen Effect. In fact, for real charactor should take the shot in studio. )

Noted that the recommended colors to be key out are Green (0,255,0) or Blue ( Blue ). It depends on your colors on the video.

I would like to use Adobe After Effect to key out the Green Color and make it transparent, so that I can overlaps my charactor video on top of background video.

There are actually a lot methods to do that, you may use Ulead Studio ( Chrome Features ) too.

But this example, I am using Linear Color Key under Effect Control > Keying menu.

When I have more times, will show you all my works :)

Enjoy creating your creative movie.

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