Feb 23, 2011

Deactivate Delete off Maxis 3G Internet connection on Nokia 5800 !!

My goodness!! My maxis internet usage blown up extra 100% without noticed by me!!!

I found out in my Middle White Hardware  Key >> Settings >> Connectivity >> Connection Mgr. existed  TWO connection  one which is my WIFI and another is Maxis 3G internet connection,
I try to disconnect Maxis 3G connection and thought everything will be fine.

Yet, it will auto connect back and I don't know how to disable it at first.
Reading through some articles and forum to ask me deactivate Maxis 3G service by sending *136*4# call.
The status replied from Maxis successful and need to wait for 2 Hours for the process.
After 2 hours, still the same, connection is always activated and bytes keep uploading and downloading!!!

You can check how much data sent or received which all is your $$$ by clicking the activated Maxis 3G connection at Middle White Hardware  Key >> Settings >> Connectivity >> Connection Mgr.

Finally, I discovered there are priority can be set for your connections under
Middle White Hardware  Key >> Settings >> Connectivity >> Destinations >> Internet  !!
Well, you can change your WIFI connection to be more priority ( smaller index ) than Maxis 3G connection

and to be safe, You can delete of Maxis 3G connection, Maxis WAP connection and Maxis 3G MMS connection then key in *136*4#  then press call button to deactivate 3G services!

You have to disconnect all connection then click back to the Destination >> Internet menu and delete it off, then you are safe and still able to receive mms because Destination >> Multimedia msg still got your Maxis 3G MMS connection.

I wonder, how come Maxis can't process the command within min, yet after 2 hours, still not working...Disappointed me and not even notice us a limit of our internet usage!

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